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Services supplied by Qualitas:

1. Training:
1. Introduction to Quality (8 hours)
2. Introduction to ISO 9000 (4 hours)
3. ISO 9000 (8 hours)
4. Documentation for ISO 9000 (8 hours)
5. Implementing ISO 9000 (8 hours)
6. Requisites of ISO 14000
7. Consult for other training.

2. Consultancy:
1. Methodology developed, documented and registered. This methodology was tested in practice in several companies, from initial steps up to certification of quality system according to ISO 9000.

2. We realize weekly meetings with implementing team to discuss the following items: ˇ Revision of pending items of past meeting; ˇ Analysis of ISO 9000 requisite and translation to common words; ˇ Company diagnosis to ISO 9000 requisite, using check list; ˇ Recommendations to implementation team. Implementation team is usually composed by the quality coordinator, a company director and the responsible for the section in which the studied requisite will be applied.


Clarify your doubts related to ISO 9000, without onus. Send me an e-mail with: name, company, phone, fax and e-mail. We will answer as soon as possible.


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